1. B. Medina
    September 4, 2018 @ 1:39 pm

    C’mon Robert check your facts first – Jason Garcia plays the Explorers not KC. He was the Pitcher of the week in the Association (9/3/18). Both Sermo and Garcia play for the Explorers not KC.

    Maybe the AA league should also check their some facts first. How does S. Montgomery not get Manager of the year? His team goes wire to wire in 1st place with 70+ wins and the 2nd place team mgr is the Manager of the year? Bad, real bad! This league should be embarrassed by this non-sense.
    The other S.C. Explorers (Kelly, Baum, and Vernia) that were also left off the All-Star team make this look like the “good old boys league”. It’s not who was the best player I guess, it’s who you know or like.
    A 70+ win team should be all over this all-star team. Maybe YOU should question the league about what games they were really watching this year. Not a good look at all AA.


    • Robert Pannier
      September 4, 2018 @ 5:19 pm

      Brian I know that Garcia plays for Sioux City and not K.C. He was not chosen by the Minor League Sports Report as the Pitcher of the Week – Collier was. We are not always in agreement with the league on their choices because theirs are based solely on a point system.
      A clear case can be made for Steve Montgomery to be Manager of the Year. The league chose Calfapietra and a great case can be made for him as well, as can one for Greg Tagert and George Tsamis. We have not named our Manager of the Year yet, but we acknowledge that Steve did a great job. Since I chose Sioux City to win the championship before the season began, I obviously believe that Mongo has done an amazing job. Four guys are well deserving of this award.


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