Milwaukee Milkmen

Manager: Gary McClure
Owner: Mike Zimmerman
COO: Dan Kuenzi

General Manager: Shawn Kison
Twitter: @MKEMilkmen

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2019 Transactions:

August 25 Released LHP Nick Bozman
August 24 Traded LHP T.J. House to Kansas City for a player to be named later; activated RHP Steve Hagen from the Disabled List
August 20 Released OF Nolan Earley and signed OF Chris Scura
August 16 Released RHP Derek Heffel
August 15 igned LHP Nick Bozman and released RHP Travis Thompson
August 14 Signed RHP Manny Corpas
August 10 Placed RHP Steve Hagen on the Disabled List retroactive to August 8 and signed RHP Travis Thompson
August 8 Traded RHP Tanner Kiest to St. Paul for two (2) players to be named later, the reversionary rights to C Adrian Nieto and future considerations; activated LHP T.J. House from the Disabled List
August 7 Placed LHP T.J. House on the Disabled List retroactive to August 1 and activated RHP Derek Heffel from the Disabled List
August 3 Placed RHP Derek Heffel on the Disabled List retroactive to July 29 and returned RHP Joey Wagman to the active roster (from Israeli National Team)
August 2 Signed INF Derek Reddy
July 31 Signed RHP Steve Hagen
July 30 Signed RHP Colby Morris
July 24 Removed RHP Joey Wagman from the active roster to play for the Israeli National Team in the European Championship qualifying series
July 17 Released LHP Andrew Tomasovich
July 16 Signed RHP Joey Wagman
July 14 Released OF Jeff Chandler and signed OF Riley Pittman
July 11 Released OF Taisei Fukuhara
June 29 Released RHP Zac Westcott and signed RHP Derek Heffel
June 27 Placed OF Taisei Fukuhara on the Disabled List and activated LHP Carlos M. Diaz from the Disabled List
June 25 Released RHP Krystien Johnson-Battilana, INF Steve Pascual and LHP Michael Scimanico; signed OF Jeff Chandler
June 24 Signed RHP Javon Rigsby and LHP Andrew Tomasovich
June 21 Traded OF Teodoro Martinez to Lincoln for cash and signed INF Steve Pascual
June 20 Placed LHP Carlos M. Diaz on the Disabled List and activated RHP Zac Westcott from the Disabled List
June 18 Signed RHP Jake Joyce
June 15 Placed RHP Zac Westcott on the Disabled List retroactive to June 12
June 11 Signed C Glen McClain
June 8 Released RHP Alex Fishberg
June 3 Signed RHP Jordan Kraus
June 2 Released LHP Cody Dickson
May 30 Activated OF Teodoro Martinez from the Disabled List
May 28 Released OF Jonathan Reynoso
May 25 Released LHP Kevin Matthews
May 24 Signed OF Taisei Fukuhara
May 23 Activated OF Jonathan Reynoso from the Disabled List and placed OF Teodoro Martinez on the Disabled List retroactive to May 22.
May 19 Signed RHP Alex Fishberg  
May 14 Released OF Taisei Fukuhara, RHP Reinaldo Lopez and INF Milton Ramos; placed OF Jonathan Reynoso on the Disabled List 
May 13 Signed LHP T.J. House
May 11 Released LHP David Holmberg
May 2 Released RHP Randy McCurry
April 30 Released RHP Jordan Kraus
April 24 Signed LHP David Holmberg
April 10 Traded LHP Jared Koenig to Lake Erie (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
April 2 Signed OF Adam Walker
March 27 Signed OF Taisei Fukuhara
March 26 Released OF Keivan Berges
March 8 Signed INF Sam Dexter
March 1 Traded RHP Cortland Cox  and INF Dan Roulis to Trois Rivieres (Can-Am League) for INF Sam Dexter
February 26 Acquired RHP Zac Wescott and RHP Cortland Cox from Lincoln for cash or future considerations.
February 15 Signed INF Milton Ramos
February 14 Traded INF Will Kengor to Somerset (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later and future considerations
February 8 Signed C Manuel Boscan
February 1 RHP Gabe Perez signed with Durango (Mexican League)
January 28 Traded OF Isaac Benard to Florence (Frontier League) to complete an earlier trade
January 25 Acquired LHP Braulio Torres-Perez from Windy City (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Signed OF Nolan Earley, INF Cesar Valera and LHP Braulio Torres-Perez
January 23 Sold the contract of C Skyler Ewing to the Milwaukee Brewers


Last Game - September 2, 2019

Team Runs Hits Errors
Texas AirHogs 0 3 1
Milwaukee Milkmen 4 7 1


Milwaukee Milkmen

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