S-K Volcanoes, Kyle McPhearson Smother Hillsboro Hops, 15-1

S-K Volcanoes, Kyle McPhearson Smother Hillsboro Hops, 15-1Winning streaks always end but not always this strongly.  Seven games vaulted the Hillsboro Hops into first place  of the Southern Division.  The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes ended the discussion with a score of 15-1 over the Hillsboro Hops.  Kyle McPhearson helped with going 3 for 4 with a double, a triple, a home run, four RBIs, four runs scored and a walk.  But, Kyle was one of many weapons launching missile after missile against the visiting team.

Hops pitchers tried every pitch in their repertoire with some success.  But not enough.  The hot bat wood was slinging horsehide baseballs everywhere.  Jose Layer went 2 for 4 with three RBIs and runs scored along with a home run from the leadoff position in the batting order.  Diego Rincones went 3 for 5.  Joey Bart also went 3 for 5 with two home runs and four RBI.  The Volcanoes batting order gave the illusion of never stopping while hitting safely 18 times including five doubles, a triple and four home runs.


S-K Volcanoes, Kyle McPhearson Smother Hillsboro Hops, 15-1
Robinson Medrano – 2 for 5, double, 1-R

The game started on a happier note.  Tra Holmes led off the first inning by getting hit by a pitch.  Knowing what to do with an opportunity, Tra stole second and received third on throwing error by catcher Joey Bart.  When Jorge Perez sent a grounder down the first base line, Tra finished the task and came home.  It was the game’s first score and the Hops’ last run for the night.

The 1-0 lead was a false summit.  By the time the game was over, The Volcanoes scored 15 unanswered runs.  The Hops had three hits for the night.  Three singles by Jose Caballero, Andy Yerzy and Francis Martinez sprinkled throughout the rest of the game.

Jackson Goddard (L, 0-1) started for the Hops.  One short inning later, Jose Layer and Kyle Phearson scored and took the lead for good.  Bryan Valdez took the mound in relief.  Bryan’s first appearance as a Hop led to six innings of fine control with only one run scored.  This time, it reversed, allowing six runs in less than three innings.  Ryan Ricci followed with six more runs in less than two innings.

S-K Volcanoes, Kyle McPhearson Smother Hillsboro Hops, 15-1
Aaron Bond – 2 for 4, double, 1-R

The Merry-Go-Round stopped spinning for two innings while West Tunell limited the home team to one hit and no runs.  Kyler Stout pitched the final and eighth inning allowing one more run to cross the plate.  Then, the night was mercifully over.  On the night of Independence Day, the fireworks took over again and lit up the night sky.

Jake Wong started the first two innings but the win was handed to Solomon Bates (W, 2-0) as pitcher of record.  Miguel Figueroa and Trent Toplikar completed the job handing seven strike outs over he course of the game.

The loss cut the visiting Hillsboro Hops’ (14-7) lead to one game over their hosts Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (13-8) atop the Southern Division.  Both teams return Thursday night for game two of the three game series as the Hops try to hold on to the division lead they took from the S-K Volcanoes.  RHP Ryan Weiss (0-0) is scheduled to start for the Hops.  Sean Hjelle (0-0) is scheduled to start for the Volcanoes.



Greg Stoker


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