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Manager: Steve Montgomery
Chairman: John Roost
President: Matt Adamski

VP & General Manager: Shane Tritz
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2019 Transactions:

September 3 Exercised the 2020 options on the following players: RHP Juan Aguilera, INF Joel Davis, RHP Tyler Fallwell, C Justin Felix (Rookie), RHP Ryan Flores, RHP Nate Gercken, OF Jeremy Hazelbaker, RHP Sam Held, RHP Taylor Jordan, RHP Eric Karch, C Dylan Kelly, RHP Matt Pobereyko, RHP Joe Riley, INF Adam Sasser, INF Jose Sermo, RHP Carlos Sierra, INF Drew Stankiewicz, RHP Pete Tago, LHP Jose Velez, OF Kyle Wren and OF Sebastian Zawada
August 25 Released RHP Alex House
August 24 Signed RHP Joe Riley
August 13 Signed INF Joel Davis
July 29 Signed OF Jeremy Hazelbaker
July 28 Traded OF Michael Lang to St. Paul for two (2) players to be named later
July 25 Activated LHP Jose Velez from the Disabled List.
July 21 Signed LHP Andrew Chin
July 10 Placed LHP Jose Velez on the Disabled List retroactive to June 30 and acquired RHP Pete Tago from York (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later; signed RHP Pete Tago
July 7 Placed RHP Max Duval on the Inactive List retroactive to July 6
July 3 Signed RHP Nile Ball
July 2 Sold the contract of RHP Jason Garcia to the Tampa Bay Rays.
June 19 Acquired RHP Ryan Flores from Trois-Rivieres (Can-Am League) to complete an earlier trade and signed RHP Ryan Flores
June 15 Released OF Lucas Bonfield and C Hunter Wood
June 14 Signed RHP John McKinney and INF Adam Sasser
June 13 Released RHP Zach Jemiola
June 12 Released LHP Max Schuh
June 7 Activated OF Sebastian Zawada from the Inactive List; released OF Daytona Bryden and INF Nelson Ward
June 2 laced INF Dean Green on the Disabled List retroactive to May 31; signed LHP Max Schuh and INF Drew Stankiewicz
May 27 Signed OF Kyle Wren
May 24 Sold the contract of RHP Anthony Bender to the Milwaukee Brewers
May 14 Released LHP Evan DeLuca, OF Tillman Pugh and RHP Ivan Vieitez; signed OF Lucas Bonfield and placed OF Sebastian Zawada on the Inactive List retroactive to May 4 
May 13 Released RHP Ryan Caporice and traded LHP Patrick Schuster to Fargo-Moorhead for a player to be named later.
May 11 Released LHP Brandon Presley
May 8 Traded RHP J.D. Busfield to Rockland (Can-Am League) for a player to be named later
May 6 Signed RHP Zach Jemiola
May 5 Signed C Hunter Wood
April 23 Released LHP Ryan Horstman
April 12 Acquired RHP Zach Jemiola from Sugar Land (Atlantic League) for future considerations
Signed LHP Jose Velez
April 11 Signed RHP Anthony Bender and RHP Matt Pobereyko
RHP Luis Gamez signed with Quintana Roo (Mexican League)
April 10 Signed RHP Tyler Fallwell and RHP Eric Karch
April 5 Signed RHP Carlos Sierra
April 4 Signed INF Nelson Ward
April 3 Signed RHP Taylor Jordan
March 28 Released LHP Jay Johnson, RHP Luis Mateo and INF David Kerian
Traded INF Blake Schmit to St. Paul for a player to be named later
March 22 Released INF Jay Baum
March 19 Signed INF Dean Green
March 7 Signed INF Jose Sermo
February 28 Sold the contract of RHP Justin Vernia to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Signed RHP J.D. Busfield, OF Tillman Pugh and OF Sebastian Zawada
February 20 Released C Daniel Jackson
February 13 Signed RHP Max Duval and RHP Nate Gercken
February 8 Signed RHP Ryan Caporice, LHP Ryan Horstman and RHP Ivan Vieitez
February 7 Sold the contract of RHP James Dykstra to the Cincinnati Reds.
January 29 Acquired RHP Ivan Vieitez from Schaumburg (Frontier League) for a player to be named later.
January 18 Signed LHP Evan DeLuca
January 17 Traded OF Luis Durango to Quebec (Can-Am League) for INF Jay Baum
January 16 Traded INF Jay Baum to Quebec (Can-Am League) for LHP Jay Johnson
January 11 Sold the contract of RHP Eric Karch to the Minnesota Twins
Signed OF Daytona Bryden, RHP Luis Gamez and LHP Brandon Presley
January 4 Signed C Dylan Kelly


Last Game - September 8, 2019 - Game 4, SDCS - 13 Innings

Team Runs Hits Errors
Sioux City Explorers
5 7 0
Kansas City T-Bones 2 8 0


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