1. Ben
    January 17, 2018 @ 8:26 pm

    I appreciate your articles very much, but I agree to disagree with you on this. You’re right about what you said; they wouldn’t have hired him if they thought that, but then again they didn’t renew his contract. (That is not the only reason though)
    No excuse not getting Frankie Reed, Tj Middlestaedt, Martin Medina and co signed…
    Maybe Pete just doesn’t have enough pull. Josh and Kevin seemed to make it happen when
    they worked together.


    • Robert Pannier
      January 17, 2018 @ 8:35 pm

      I will say that I find little reason why an affiliate club did not sign someone like Matt Chavez or Richard Prigatano. These guys are total studs, and should have been given a shot somewhere. I know that Nate personally went to bat for Matt, but for whatever reason, the moronic MLB affiliates passed on him.
      As far as some of the other guys, there are more things going on behind the scenes that may play a part. T.J. Mittelstaedt is a great example. This guy has a better eye than any hitter I have ever seen at any level. That is not hyperbole. He is just that good. The problem, which he himself agrees is likely the case, is that the second year he was drafted clubs already thought he had been drafted and was signed the year before, so they ignored him. It was not until like the 43rd round that he was finally taken and by that point he got the lower round label put on him. He is not being given a chance because they just refuse to acknowledge that they all made a mistake in waiting on him in the first place.
      In addition, I have been around the Wingnuts a lot, and I have never heard anyone in this organization say that Pete stood in the way of a player advancing. Let’s be real, the reason he never bunted except for one time last season was not because he doesn’t know baseball 101. It is because he wanted to give his players every opportunity to make an impression with scouts. Bunting, in his opinion, did not do that.
      Three years ago, I watched Vinny DiFazio have one of the four or five best seasons that the American Association has ever seen and no one touched him during the season from affiliate ball. I know George Tsamis was doing all he could to get Vinny signed, but there were just no takers. After the season, the Dodgers signed him but never really gave him a chance at all. Again, the organizations make no sense to me at all.


  2. Ben
    January 17, 2018 @ 7:59 pm

    Pete Rose Jr. definitely has the reputation for holding his players back. Look at all the all stars he’s had the past two years that he didn’t get signed.


    • Robert Pannier
      January 17, 2018 @ 8:09 pm

      Ben, I hate to tell you, but Pete never held any player back. He constantly advocated for his players, and I have been present when he has done so on numerous occasions. In addition, Josh
      Robertson and brother Nate tried to get guys signed all the time. This is an organization that prides itself on players returning to affiliate ball, so there is no way that they would hire anyone who would stand in the way of that.


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